Upcoming and Current Conferences

Conference: The 19th annual conference of the New Zealand Studies Association

Together with the Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies, Radboud University, the 19th annual conference of the New Zealand Studies Association will be held in  read more »

Conference: Small Collections of Oceanic Art: Discoveries, Challenges, and Potentials

The 2013 Pacific Arts Association European meeting will be held from Wednesday, April 3, to Saturday, April 6, at the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim (www.rpmuseum.de<http://www.rpmuseum.de>).  read more »

Call for Papers: Call for Venue Proposals: 12th Pacific Arts Association International Sympoisum

The PAA board is seeking proposals for a venue to host the 12th Pacific Arts Association International Symposium. The international meetings are an opportunity for contemporary artists, cultural leaders, historians, museum and gallery curators, researchers, and collectors to engage in lively and creative dialogues.

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Exhibition: Nga Kina Public Sculpture Offically opens at Kumutoto, Wellington Waterfront

Nga Kina was commissioned by Wellington Sculpture Trust (WST) and is the 25th public sculpture WST has realised for the city of Wellington. Nine hyper sized Kina forms varying in scale from 2-3 metres in diameter are now installed partially below the waterline creating a natural interplay with local tidal movements and surrounding architectural scape at Kumutoto.  read more »

Symposium: ʻAha Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi

The ʻAha Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi is a Hawaiian literature, history and writing symposium. 2012 is the first gathering of scholars and practitioners of Hawaiian literary arts and history in conversation with indigenous Pacific and North American writers and scholars.  read more »

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