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OAS President David Baker

The Passing of OAS President David Baker

OAS Members were saddened by the sudden death of our President, David Baker, who died in his home in Sydney on November 9th, 2009, shortly after returning from a trip to Vanuatu.
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Staying Fijian: Vatulele Island Barkcloth and Social Identity by Rod Edwins

Staying Fijian: Vatulele Island Barkcloth and Social Identity
By Rod Ewins

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Livign Spirits with Fixed Abodes edited by Barry Craig

Living Spirits with Fixed Abodes
Editor: Barry Craig

On the eve of Papua New Guinea’s attainment of independence from Australia, Chief Minister Michael Somare referred to the new nation’s cultural treasures as living spirits with fixed abodes. He was referring to the prevailing belief of Papua New Guineans that everything is invested with spirit, not least the objects carved, modeled or constructed for ceremonial, and often everyday use. In 1977, the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery moved into a new building, located next to, but constructed before, the National Parliament. The Masterpieces Exhibition remains in place today and this book gives the reader a thorough account of each of the 209 objects on display.  read more »

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