Pacific Arts Association publishes a journal, Pacific Arts (ISSN 1018-4252); a newsletter, The Pacific Arts Association Newsletter; and other Publications of Interest. In the past these have mainly been selections of papers from the international symposia. See separate links for further information regarding these publications.


Pacific Arts NS 14, 2015, Nos. 1-2
Is an issue covering topics about Pacific Intersections and Cross Currents: Uncharted Histories and Future Trends with articles by Carol Mayer, Karen Stevenson, Susan Cochrane, Giles Peterson and Billie Lythberg, Kolokesa Uafa Mahina-tuai, Joyce Hammond, Adrienne Kaeppler,  Karen Duffek, Chantal Knowles, Henry Skerritt, Evadne Kelly, and Candace Galla.


 Pacific Arts NS 13, 2014, No. 2
With articles by Harry Beran, Pauline van der Zee, Max Quanchi, and Susan Cochrane



Pacific Arts NS 13, 2014, No. 2
Karen Stevenson is the Guest Editor for this issue focusing on indigenous art from Taiwan. Articles in this issue are written by Alice Christophe, Mei-chen Tsung, Hui-Chun Yu, Cheng-yeh Hsu, Huh-Yao Wan, and Walis Labai (Diing-Wuu Wu).


Pacific Arts, NS. 13, No. 1, 2013

  PAA Newsletter, December 2012


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