PAA Europe, 2012

PAA Europe 2012 Meeting
June 28-30
Staatliche Museum für Völkerkunde
Munich, Germany


The 2012 Pacific Arts Association European meeting will be held from Thursday, June 28 to Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the Staatliche Museum für Völkerkunde in Munich. 

"Histories of Collections"
The meeting will coincide with the State Museum of Ethnology's 150th Anniversary. Opening in June 2012, an exhibition dealing with the history of the museum's collections will focus on Moritz Wagner and the acquisitions of his time. Wagner became the first curator of the Royal Ethnographic Collection in Munich in April of 1862  and was employed until 1887. In 1868 the collection was opened to the public.

Members will be invited to view Oceania: World Views of the South Seas, an exhibition of Pacific artifacts drawn from the collections curated by Dr. Appel and the museums permanent exhibition Beyond the Horizon: World Art.  

PAA-E members will be invited to:

  • Visit the museum's Oceanic art storage

  • Join an excursion to the Sudsee Sammlung in Obergünzburg which houses and displays an exhibition of the Captain Karl Nauer collection. Nauer donated an extensive Pacific art collection to his hometown Obergünzburg/Allgäu in the early 20th century.

  • Present other topics in a general session during the symposium.

Symposium registration information
Registration and further information regarding the conference will be emailed directly to members. 

Please reserve one of the hotels on the attached list by e-mail or fax. There is a recall allotment for these hotels for single and double rooms at the prices quoted when mentioning the keyword "Pacific Arts Association Europe" with your reservation. Please note that you should make your reservation before the deadline mentioned for each hotel.
 To print the list of hotels, please download the attached PDF.

To view the program and schedule of papers, please click here. To print the schedule, please download the attached PDF.