Research Opportunity: Who owned it before you? Unobvious catalogue numbers inscribed on and labels attached to Oceanic artworks in collections.

Who owned it before you? Unobvious catalogue numbers inscribed on and labels attached to Oceanic artworks in collections.

Some private collectors and dealers inscribed registration numbers or other information on artworks in their collections. Some public institutions did the same and later deaccessioned some of their objects. Some early field collectors attached labels to artworks that are now in collections.

A list of numbers and labels with identifiable authors (and some yet to be identified) has been created by Harry Beran and is available for download on the Collections page of the Oceanic Art Society's website. Registration numbers for public institutions have only been included for deaccessioned objects. The list is organized in alphabetical order of inscribers or label users.  The present list is a work in progress. 

You are invited to add to or amend the existing document by dowloading the attached word document titled "Who Before You" and filling in your information in a similar format to the master document.

Please send your completed document to:



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