NS 3-5 2007 Table of Contents

Pacific Arts Journal
New Series Volume 3-5


Special Issue in Honor of Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk
Guest Editors: Ping-Ann Addo, Heather Young Leslie and Phyllis Herda

Table of Contents
6    Information about PAA

8      A Note from the President of the Pacific Arts Association
        Carol S. Ivory, Washington State University

12    Pacific Textiles, Pacific Cultures: Hybridity and Pragmatic Creativity
        Heather E. Young Leslie, University of Hawai’i and MacMillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies and Ping-Ann Addo, University of Massachusetts Boston

21    Biographical Sketch of Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk
        Samantha Fisk

Feature Articles:
23    Hawaiian Quilts: Chiefly Self-Representations in Nineteenth-Century Hawai’i
        Stacy L. Kamehiro, University of California Santa Cruz

37    Hybrid Identities and the Transference of Hawaiian Quilt Imagery
        Phyllis Herda, University of Auckland

46    “How Can We Weave in a Strange Land?” Niuean Weavers in Auckland
        Hilke Thode-Arora, Ethnologisches Museum, Berlin

60    Commoner Tongan Women Authenticate Ngatu Pepa in Auckland
        Ping-Ann Addo, University of Massachusetts Boston

74    Innovative Tradition: Reshaping the Samoan Art of Siapo (Decorated Barkcloth)
        Teri L. Sowell, San Diego State University

88    The Influence of Tongan Ngatu on Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Samoan Siapo
        Hilary L. Scothorn, Florida State University and Auckland, New Zealand

94    The Tie that Binds: Siapo, Western Cloth, and Samoan Social Space
        Anne E. Guernsey Allen, Indiana University Southeast

104  Stretching the Cloth: Hybrid Meanings, Styles, and Gender Structures in Maisin Barkcloth
        Anna-Karina Hermkens, Radboud University

115  “…Like a Mat Being Woven”
        Heather E. Young Leslie, University of Hawai’i and MacMillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies

128  ‘Tapa’ and Text: Hybrid Technologies and Pacific (Re)Possession
        Paul Sharrad, University of Wollongong

Jordan Wright

Art Director
Terri Czeczko

Production Director
Jennifer Hintze


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