Na Totoka – Pacific Wearable Arts, October 21, 2010

Na Totoka – Pacific Wearable Arts
Opening: October 21, 2010
Fiji Fasion Week

Wearable Arts is art on the body, and is a new movement within the Pacific fashion industry where designers and visual artists are working with their creative skills in innovative, experimental ways that often are developed around social messages, themes and statements. It is an area of the arts and design industry where artists and designers also eventually move into costume design for film or the stage.

The purpose of developing Na Totoka, is to encourage this experimentation, innovation and design excellence. The term wearable art implies that the work is intended as a serious and unique artistic creation, and or statement using the human form as a ‘canvas’.

Na Totoka Pacific Wearable Art Awards seeks to provide a platform for visual, heritage and design artists to explore their visions, social statements and enhance their creativity and skill by working into the Wearable Art industry. Na Totoka also seeks to bring designers working in the textile, garment-designing industry to work with non-traditional materials or use traditional materials in non-traditional ways.

2010 Na Totoka will be the opening night for Fiji Fashion Week. Taking centre stage for Na Totoka is our invited international designers. We will feature renowned international and Pacific designers: Ellena Tavioni (TAV), Cook Islands, Lambert Ho, Fiji, Hupfeld Hoeder, Fiji, Rosie Semisi, Fiji, and designers from Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands as well as a line up of other emerging and established designers entering the various categories.

Body Beautiful!
Art of the Wall
Young and Hip!
Priscilla! Queen of the Ocean
World of spices
Adornment and Ornamentation
Keep Fiji Clean!
Island girl
Island Mama

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