Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay is proud to present an exhibition of Oceanic art

Exhibition of Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian artworks
13 May - 6 June, 2009
Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay, NSW, Australia

Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay, in association with Oceanic art specialist, Chris Boylan, is proud to present an exhibition of Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian artworks. 
This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view some outstanding, museum-quality, utilitarian and ceremonial pieces such as dance and initiation masks, headdresses, neckpieces, ancestral figures, and warfare objects. Dating from pre-contact times to the contemporary, the works exhibited have been sourced from both remote field collecting and important private collections.
Papua New Guinea provides the central focus for the exhibition with artworks created from traditional materials.  Coconut fibre, feathers, turtle shells and natural pigments all demonstrate the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the makers, while impressive and curious abstract painting adorns shields, many of which still have the original bush rope handles on the reverse.
With thirty years experience in the field, Chris Boylan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to coordinating this exhibition and ensuring provenance and quality. As part of his ongoing commitment to promoting greater understanding of the work and its cultural and historical significance, Chris Boylan will be giving a floor talk at the exhibition’s opening.

Papuan cult hook, wood on metal stand. 188.0 cm x 37 cm

Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay
44 Roslyn Gardens
Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011
Tel: 02 8353 3500

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