Current Exhibitions

Exhibition: Aho Whenua-Threads sown from Earth, A collection of Contemporary Māori Weaving, Ceramics, Painting, and Jewellery

26 January - 4 March 2013
PATAKA Art + Museum
Blue Pacific Gallery

Showcasing recent work by: Davina Duke, Hera Johns, Karuna Douglas, Ngaahina Hohaia, Noelle Jakeman, Rhonda Halliday, Sofia Minson, Stevei Houkamau, Todd Douglas, Tracey Huxford, Veranoa Hetet, Victor Te Paa.  read more »

Exhibition: Beyond the Papunya Dot – new works by Australian artists

Co-organised by Diff’Art Pacific and IDAIA, ‘Beyond the Papunya Dot’ invites eight Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and a collective to present their vision of Aboriginal art.  read more »

Exhibition: Malima! work by Apa Tengere

Attached is a small catalogue prepared for the forth-coming exhibition by Apa Tengere, a B. Ed. (Inservice) student majoring in Visual Arts. The exhibition will be part of the contribution to the Symposium happening at the end of this month - The Saep Majnep Memorial Symposium. It will open Nov 1 and will be open for viewing until 30th November.
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Exhibition: 'Born Savages' by Mau Muaiava

A solo photography showing of the multi-media artist Mau Muiava. The exhibition Born Savages runs from Oct 6 - Oct 26 but ALL are welcome to attend our pre-viewing evening on Oct 5, starting at 7PM. If you would like to learn more about her influences and vision you can do so here.  read more »

Exhibition: Immigrant Mind | Andy Leleisi’uao

The Pah Homestead – TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre | 04 September — 28 October
Open: Tuesday 4 September, 6-8pm

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Exhibition: George NUKU at FRIEZE - MASTERS, London


11 - 14 October 2012

Galerie Meyer is pleased to present a work by the noted Maori artist George NUKU at FRIEZE - MASTERS
On show will be a plexiglas Whare Toa (Warriors House), a container for Taonga (the Maori word for treasure) carved by George NUKU as an abode for sacred and prestigious works of art from the old Pacific Cultures. This Whare Toa will contain an important Hawaiian Royal necklace..

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Workshop: Fabricating  Fashion? Curating and Creating Pacific Fibre Arts and Adornments

Fabricating  Fashion? Curating and Creating Pacific Fibre Arts and Adornments

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts   1 October 2.30pm-­‐6.00pm 2 October 10.00am-­‐6.45pm    read more »

Exhibition: Carl Pao as the inaugural ANU Pacific Studies Artist in Residence

The inaugural ANU Pacific Studies Artist in Residence, Carl Pao, has had a wonderful impact on the Pasifika Australia outreach program, Pacific Studies staff and students, and our broader university community. Carl also gave a talk at the National Gallery and a workshop at the National Portrait Gallery.
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