Manu Daula Award

MANU DAULA (Frigate Bird) AWARD:

The Manu Daula Award is voted on by the PAA membership and given to an individual for outstanding achievement and dedication in the arts of the Pacific.

Past recipients:

1984: Philip Dark and Sidney Moko Mead
1989: Renée Heyum and Margaret Tuckson
1993: Soroi Eoe
2001: Christian Kaufmann and Douglas Newton
2003: Jehanne Teilhet Fisk (posthumously) and Adrienne Kaeppler
2005: Roger Neich
2007: Steven Hooper
2010: Karen Stevenson
2013: Carol Ivory and Philippe Peltier

The bronze medallion was designed by Paul and Betty Beadle. Paul was a professor at the Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University.